Every Woman Must Own These 5 Iconic Pieces

This article was originally published on Pavlistyle.

We all have those few items in our closets that are somehow more special than the others, am I right girls? All our clothes have one main purpose: to express who we are to the world. But these five pieces are even more than that. They define the essence of our personality, maturity and style.

Here are the 5 pieces every woman after 30 should own, in no particular order.

Chanel N°5 Perfume

‘’A woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent’’.

I find this scent so irresistible and timeless, it fits any women regardless of age, race, style. It’s the ‘‘formula for feminine eternal’’ as Gabrielle Chanel intended it to be.

I got my first Chanel N°5 perfume when I was 19. It was a gift from my mum, who knew I had been obsessing about getting one. I tried a bunch of other perfumes that I like since then – but none of them could ever come close to this one. That mysterious yet so familiar scent will be hard to ever replace. Period.

Trench Coat

I bought my beloved trench coat when I was 16. Well, it was not Burberry as you can imagine, but it was the same style and cut. It was navy blue and I felt fabulous in it. I wore it basically everyday to any occasion  – school, theatre, hanging out with friends, lunch at grandma’s. I used to pair it with jeans and tee, all dresses, boots, high heels, and flat ballerina shoes.

It is the perfect piece to wear for a causal & comfortable look, and still look classy as hell. I wore it so much its colour faded after a few years. I think I should buy a new one – this time definitely a Burberry one!

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Another iconic piece that goes with everything. It goes with a classy dress if you want to be an elegant lady. Pair it with a black leather jacket and you’re a rock’n’roll chick. Are you more of a jeans & tee girl? Get a pair and be that fun girl-next-door. I got mine in black recently – and I’m wearing it ALL.THE.TIME.

Converse All-Star Sneakers

The Chuck Taylor All Star Classic are easily one of the most recognizable sneakers in the world. When I was 16, everyone was obsessed with it. I mean everyone. If you wore one, you were rebellious and edgy, definitely one of the cool kids.

I got my first pair in blue and wore them until they got literally ripped off my feet. My favorite thing was pairing them with dresses – to the constant disapproval of my mum. But mom, that’s how everyone wears it!

Since then, I had them in pink, black and brown. Right now I don’t own a pair, but it has been a significant item throughout my young adult life. Maybe I should get back to it one day, actually I have to!

Little Black Dress

Just like everyone else in my generation, I went through that period where all I wanted to wear was black. Black is power, black is confidence, black is feminine, sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

It was unthinkable to wear pink or any light colours. So going to a party or a wedding or a school event naturally meant wearing a black dress. Much to the shock of some more traditional-thinking teachers and relatives. Are you mourning? Was a regular question you had to endure.

Even though now I love floral dresses and clothing in pastel colours, my first choice would still be black. I always have a couple of black dresses in my closet in all shapes and styles.  

It looks like the mix of these 5 iconic items could be my signature look – after all they all go well together. I love to put on a nice LBD with a pair of converse sneakers, a trench coat casually on top of the dress, Ray-Ban Clubmaster to finish the look, and spray some Chanel N°5 all over me. World, I’m ready!